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CAP LTER-Conservation Alliance receives grant

January 14, 2015

The CAP-LTER-Conservation Alliance Community Wildflower Survey has been selected for funding from the Central Arizona Conservation Alliance research grants program. The project, lead by CBO advisory board member, Sharon Hall will pilot a community-based research and educational program to monitor the long-term ecological impacts of the urban environment in native Phoenix-area Sonoran Desert preserves.

CBO receives external support for collaboration with US Fish and Wildlife Service

November 26, 2014

CBO and partners from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), Mission:Wildlife and the University of Maryland were awarded support from the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) to develop new decision tools for recovery and spending decisions in endangered species conservation. The research team is comprised of an international group of decision scientists, ecologists and agency personnel. The team will apply structured decision-making approaches in the context of the new Species Status Assessment process being developed by the FWS. SESYNC will support a series of workshops focused on the development of a decision framework for endangered species recovery action prioritization and recovery budget allocation.

USFWS Fellowship Opportunity Meeting

November 19, 2014

Join us tomorrow to learn about summer opportunities at United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

Recruiters from the USFWS will be on campus at ASU to highlight their Summer 2015 Directorate Resource Assistant Fellowship Program.  The Program is designed for seniors (beginning in Fall 2015), or 2015 graduates who will be attending graduate school beginning in Fall 2015, or graduate students who have completed their first year of graduate school.

There will be 60 positions spread across the US in a variety of different venues.  And, best of all, Fellows may be eligible for a permanent position with the USFWS.

Bring your resume and join us for pizza

Wrigley 308

Noon – 1:00,  Thursday November 20th

USFWS DRA Fellowship


New biodiversity center supports call for inclusion in conservation

View Source | November 7, 2014

biodiversity-forest-leavesOn Nov. 6, a letter signed by 240 of the world’s leading conservationists, including six from ASU's new Center for Biodiversity Outcomes, was published in the journal Nature. The letter, titled “A call for inclusive conservation,” expresses discontent with a divisive debate in the conservation field over whether nature should be protected for its own sake or for the benefit of humankind.

To remedy this, the letter proposes an ethic of inclusiveness – one that recognizes the merits of each approach and encourages broader participation from the conservationist population. The letter’s six Center for Biodiversity Outcomes signatories agree that adoption of this ethic will help engage and align an expansive audience with conservation efforts.

Nature publishes the open letter as the Center for Biodiversity Outcomes, a partnership between the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability and School of Life Sciences, prepares to celebrate its launch on Nov. 13-14.

Central Arizona Conservation Alliance Announces Website

October 3, 2014

CBO partner, The Central Arizona Conservation Alliance, a Desert Botanical Garden initiative released it's inaugural website this week.

The Conservation Alliance facilitates and leverages community engagement to study, restore and promote the mountain park preserves of metro Phoenix.

Visits to get involved!

Central Arizona Conservation Alliance announces RFP for 2014 research grants

July 24, 2014

The goal of the Research Grants program is to support research that assists land managers in making informed decisions about the natural and cultural resources of the partnership’s focal preserves: City of Phoenix Desert Mountain Parks and Preserves, Maricopa County Regional Parks, and City of Scottsdale’s McDowell Sonoran Preserve.

Grants will support applied and/or useable basic research that 1) fills gaps in the ecological, social, and cultural understanding of Preserve resources, and 2) addresses specific management issues.

More information: CAZCA RFP.2014 Research Grants