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Kwan-Lamar Blount-Hill

Kwan-Lamar Blount-Hill

Program Lead for Justice and Equity in Conservation, Center for Biodiversity Outcomes, Global Institute of Sustainability and Innovation

Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions
Arizona State University, Downtown Phoenix campus


  • Program Lead for Justice and Equity in Conservation, Center for Biodiversity Outcomes, Global Institute of Sustainability and Innovation
  • Assistant Professor, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions


Kwan-Lamar Blount-Hill, PhD, JD, is an assistant professor of criminology and criminal justice. His research primarily concerns social group identity and its influence on perceptions and experiences of justice and fairness across social contexts. Kwan has also worked on issues of "inclusive science" and "policy-relevant research." Core to his conservation research has been the development of a "social identity theory of interspecies dominance," through which he's sought to connect human marginalization and environmental mismanagement, issues of social and ecological justice. In the criminal justice realm, Kwan served as the first Director of Research and Data Analytics for the Kings County District Attorney's Office in Brooklyn, New York. Before this, he was a firefighter and police officer in South Carolina, a senior research associate at John Jay College's Research and Evaluation Center, and senior research manager for the New York City Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice. In conservation social science, Kwan has served on the Society for Conservation Biology (SCB)'s Disciplinary Inclusion Task Force, SCB's Global Policy Committee, and SCB's Social Sciences Working Group.


  • PhD, Criminal Justice, City University of New York Graduate Center/John Jay College of Criminal Justice, 2020
  • JD, Law, Emory University School of Law, 2011
  • BS, Environmental Science, Tuskegee University, 2008


Journal Articles


Blount-Hill, K., V. St. John, L. N. Moton and A. Ajil. 2022. In their experience: A review of racial and sexual minority experience in academe and proposals for building an inclusive criminology. Race and Justice 12(3):457-480. DOI: 10.1177/21533687221087352. (link )


Blount-Hill, K. 2021. Proposing a social identity theory of interspecies dominance. Biological Conservation 254(Feb):108969. DOI: 10.1016/j.biocon.2021.108969. (link )


Blount-Hill, K. and P. Oder. 2020. From power and privilege to dignity and respect: Developing a theory of species stratification and interspecies dominance. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 8. DOI: 10.3389/fevo.2020.553460 . (link )

Book Chapters

In Press

Blount-Hill, K. and A. Ajil. In our experience: Recognizing and challenging cognitive imperialism. In: Aliverti, A., H. Carvalho, A. Chamberlen and M. Sozzo eds., Decolonising the Criminal Question: Colonial Legacies, Contemporary Problems. Oxford University Press. ISBN: 9780192899002.


Blount-Hill, K. and M. Natarajan. 2020. Chapter 6: Human-wildlife competition: The role of human activities, environmental transformation, and water scarcity in explaining mammalian species loss. Pp. 111-126 In: Lynch, M. J. and S. F. Pires eds., Quantitative Studies in Green and Conservation Criminology: The Measurement of Environmental Harm and Crime. Routledge. ISBN: 9780367727123.


In Press

Lobo, D., A. Jagadish, K. Blount-Hill, A. J. Wright, T. S. Witty and G. Lanza. Enhancing disciplinary diversity in conservation science and practice: Insights from experiences of potential members of the Society for Conservation Biology. Scoeity for Conservation Biology.