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Graduate Education

Graduate student research and mentoring are fundamental to CAP LTER’s mission. CAP LTER provides an excellent platform for graduate research, and this research has been instrumental in forwarding scientific inquiry under the project.

Since 1997, over 60 theses and dissertations have been written by graduate students involved in CAP LTER. CAP student research has been widely published in the formal literature with over 30 papers published with students as first authors since 2004 in journals such as Frontiers in Ecology and Environment, BioScience, and Social Science Quarterly.

CAP LTER provides a nurturing and supportive environment for graduate students in several ways. Graduate students are full members of CAP research teams and in this capacity are mentored by faculty and postdoctoral research associates. CAP LTER provides funds for graduate student research through its graduate student grant program. Students also receive support through graduate research assistantships to faculty associated with the project.

CAP LTER showcases graduate student research at its Annual Poster Symposium, and graduate students have further opportunities to present their research at the ASU Graduates in Earth, Life, and Social Sciences (GELSS) symposium as well as at regional, national, and international meetings.

student teachers doing research on bridge

CAP Graduates Take Initiative

CAP graduate students have been instrumental in promoting integrated, socioecological research at Arizona State University first through the Integrative Graduate Education and Research Training (IGERT) in Urban Ecology program and now through an off-shoot initiative, the Graduates in Integrative Society and Environment Research (GISER).

Stay Connected with CAP LTER Students’ Organization

CAP LTER students have formed an active community of urban research practice, CAP Students, which organizes activities throughout the year. For more information on these activities, please contact the CAP student representative, Megan Wheeler ( You can also follow them on Twitter: @CAP_Student

To be placed on the CAP students’ e-mail list, please contact Mark Watkins (