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Leah Jones

Leah Jones

PhD Student, Sustainability, School of Sustainability

School of Sustainability
Arizona State University
PO Box 875502
Tempe, AZ 85287-5502


  • PhD Student, Sustainability, School of Sustainability


Leah Jones is a doctoral student in the School of Sustainability at Arizona State University. She studies the food-energy-water nexus, water governance, and international development. She is interested in researching water crises and how the institutional governance structures lead to and respond to these crises. Leah holds a BS in environmental science from the University of Virginia.

Research Assistant Experience

  • Decision Center for a Desert City - Dave White

Spoken Languages:
Spanish (advanced)


  • BS, Environmental Science (Sustainability minor), University of Virginia, 2014


Journal Articles


Opejin, A. K., R. M. Aggarwal, D. D. White, J. L. Jones, R. Maciejewski, G. Mascaro and H. Sarjoughian. 2020. A bibliometric analysis of food-energy-water nexus literature. Sustainability 12(3):Art. 1112. DOI: 10.3390/su12031112.


White, D. D., J. L. Jones, R. Maciejewski, R. M. Aggarwal and G. Mascaro. 2017. Stakeholder analysis for the food-energy-water nexus in Phoenix, Arizona: Implications for nexus governance. Sustainability 9(12):Art. 2204. DOI: 10.3390/su9122204. (link )



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Jones, J. L., A. K. Opejin, R. M. Aggarwal and D. D. White. 2019. Bibliometric Analysis of Food-Energy-Water Nexus Research. Poster presented at the AAAS Annual Meeting, February 14-17 2019, Washington, DC.

Valient-Marin, A., G. Erwin, R. Diaz and J. L. Jones. 2019. Introducing Water to High School Students. Poster presented at the DCDC Poster Symposium, April 22, 2019, Tempe, AZ.


Collins, S., G. Erwin and L. Jones. 2018. Analyzing Current and Future Residential Water Use in Goodyear, Arizona. Poster presented at the 2018 DCDC Poster Symposium, April 25, 2018, Tempe, Arizona.

Jones, L. and D. D. White. 2018. Decision-Making and the Food-Energy-Water Nexus in Phoenix, Arizona. Poster presented at the 2018 AAAS Annual Meeting, February 14-19, 2018, Austin, Texas.


Tucker, M., D. Sversvold, K. Drysdale and J. L. Jones. 2017. Shock and Neglect: Landscape Dynamics in Post-Recession Phoenix. Poster presented at the 2017 DCDC Poster Symposium, April 24, 2017, Tempe, AZ.


Dzyuban, Y., M. Guardaro, R. J. Hobbins, J. L. Jones and Z. Stein. 2016. Healthy fire station complex. Poster presented at the Institute for Social Science Research Poster Competition, December 2016, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ.



Jones, J. L. 2018. Decision-making and the Food-Energy-Water Nexus in Phoenix, Arizona. Presentation at the Nexus 2018: Water, Energy, Food, and Climate Conference, April 16, 2018, Chapel Hill, NC.