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About Ecology Explorers

About Us & Educational Outreach

Ecology Explorers is in your local Phoenix area educational outreach program at Arizona State University. The Ecology Explorers program leads you through specific procedures to develop scientific questions.

We have developed protocols with CAP LTER scientists that you will follow to collect initial data, study your data, and report your data to help our scientific community.

The data you study can be used to look for patterns at your own research site (schoolyard or backyard), and it can be shared with other researchers and students to discover patterns in nature across the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Explore Using Our Scientific Protocols

The most creative and fun parts of science include: asking questions, looking for patterns in nature, developing hypotheses, designing and running experiments, and analyzing results. Before moving to these steps in the scientific process, there are a few things you should learn about scientific protocols.

You will learn data collection techniques used by scientists called protocols. You will also learn how to collect initial data, using these scientific protocols.

Our Partner: CAP LTER

CAP LTER has been a leader in interdisciplinary science to investigate the complex dynamics of the Phoenix metropolitan area and surrounding Sonoran desert. Educating the next generation of urban ecologists is a core mission of the CAP LTER. The Ecology Explorers program engages K-12 students and teachers.