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Ecology Explorers Slide Sets

Presentations for Teaching

These slides show various land cover types in the Phoenix metropolitan area. These are intended to be used with the Ecology Explorers lesson, Environmental Perceptions and Perspectives.

These are presentations and pictures that may be helpful for teaching the protocols. Download slide set with dates (, large file) or without dates (, large file)

Slides include guidelines for the ground arthropod protocol from start to finish, as well as great photos and descriptions to assist with the identification of arthropods to taxonomic order. Developed by Michael Brand (Oasis Elementary)

Slides include images to illustrate rural and urban watersheds and soil infiltration, as well as Arizona and regional maps. In urban watersheds, water washes over buildings and pavement.

Slides include images of different leaf shapes and specialized plant structures, basic processes for studying evapotranspiration and water use and water conservation in desert cities.

Slides include color and black-and-white maps displaying land-use change in Maricopa County from 1912–1995 — super for making handouts and overheads! Included are slides with a summary of historic land use in Maricopa County.

Slides include pictures of various bruchid beetle species, their stages of development, a key to identifying bruchids and how to identify blue palo verde trees.

Slides include pictures and descriptions of 12 birds you might see in the Phoenix area. The slides can be printed to make identification cards.

Slides include print-outs for the game. Slide 2 has the different treatment options. Print out one copy of this slide for each group of students. Print each of slides 3-10 and place them around your classroom as “Scenario Stations.”

Slides include diagrams of the water cycle, watershed and infiltration through soil horizons.

Slides demonstrate simple physics concepts of heat flow, absorption and storage. They discuss effects of heat on plants and animals.