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Sustainability Events

CAP LTER Seminar: For the Birds!

Emily Webb

  • PhD Candidate, School of Life Sciences

Jeff Brown

  • Postdoctoral Researcher, Central Arizona-Phoenix Long-term Ecological Research

The Central-Arizona Phoenix Long Term Ecological Research (CAP LTER) Seminar Series aims to provide an opportunity for individuals interested in social-ecological systems and urban ecology to engage in the CAP LTER community and share ideas.

  • Emily Webb will present "Collaboration with Community Scientists and Museums: Using Window-strike Birds to Collect Ecophysiology Data"
  • Jeff Brown will present "No Fry Zones: How the Distribution of Restaurants Influences Avian Communities"

The seminar will be available via Zoom. Contact Marina Lauck for details or questions. Learn more about CAP LTER.

Thursday, March 5, 2020
4:00 -5:00 p.m.