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The Desert Wetland

The Desert Wetland

The Desert Wetland

How could we adapt to future flooding?

While there has been an overall decrease in precipitation, extreme rain events have increased in their intensity 13-16%. As a result, this future focuses on greatly enhancing hydrologic connectivity using green infrastructure and a “design with nature” mentality. Specifically, a multi-scalar network of green space links neighborhoods within cities to the larger region, consisting of floodplains, linear parks. During extreme precipitation events, the transportation network of highways acts as an emergency floodplain to convey water out of the city.



Iconic changes in this future include gradual but not substantial changes in urban density and a city-wide increase in permeable surfaces. By 2060, 50% of existing streets have incorporated green infrastructure features and the majority of residential developments are linked to the regional floodplain network through neighborhood wetlands, linear parks, and/or natural washes.

Adaptive Flood Timeline two