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Diana Wall

Diana Wall

Senior Research Scientist, Natural Resources Lab, Department of Biology, Colorado State University


Department of Biology
Colorado State University
1878 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, CO 80523


  • Professor, Department of Biology, Colorado State University
  • Senior Research Scientist, Natural Resources Lab, Department of Biology, Colorado State University
  • Director, School of Global Environmental Sustainability, Colorado State University
  • Colorado State University Distinguished Professor, Colorado State University


Dr. Wall's research program integrates collaborative, multidisciplinary studies at the organismal (survival strategies of nematodes) through ecosystem levels, to ask and answer questions about their impacts at landscape and global scales. She is interested in understanding how soil biodiversity (soil nematodes in particular) controls carbon cycling through decomposition and the processing of organic matter, and affect soil fertility by mineralizing nutrients and making these available for plants. The regulation of above and belowground interactions, especially the control and suppression of plant and animal pests and pathogens, after soils are disturbed, is an ongoing interest. She finds that studying simple, low diversity polar ecosystems (the McMurdo Antarctica LTER) contributes to understanding how physical and biotic factors shape soil ecosystems and their biota.


  • PhD, Plant Pathology, University of Kentucky-Lexington
  • BA, Biology, University of Kentucky-Lexington

Journal Articles

In Press

Franco, A. L., L. A. Gherardi, C. Milano de Tomasel, W. S. Andriuzzi, K. E. Ankrom, E. M. Bach, P. Guan, O. E. Sala and D. H. Wall. Root herbivory controls the effects of water availability on the partitioning between above and belowground grass biomass. Functional Ecology DOI: 10.1111/1365-2435.13661. (link )


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