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About the Global Locust Initiative

About the Global Locust Initiative

About the Global Locust Initiative

The Global Locust Initiative (GLI) aims to develop sustainable pathways to address devastating locust outbreaks involving all relevant stakeholders. We grew out of many conversations among researchers, government and non-government agencies, and farmers’ groups around the world.

Global Locust Initiative


We promote transdisciplinary locust research and management to improve the well-being of farming communities and global food system sustainability.

What we do

GLI has two arms: The Global Locust Network and The GLI Lab.

The Network’s purpose is to connect universities, government and non-government organizations, and agricultural communities to forge new partnerships that seek to better integrate locust research and management.

The GLI Lab hosts a number of research projects spanning natural and social sciences with the aim of advancing our fundamental understanding of the systems in which locusts and grasshoppers exist, as well as supporting development of local solutions to the global challenge of locust plagues.

Diversity, equity and inclusion statement

The GLI follows Arizona State University’s engagement on inclusion and is a safe space for people from any race, ethnicity, sex, gender, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, ability level, religion, veteran status, nationality and intellectual perspective.

Design aspirations

As an Arizona State University based initiative, the Global Locust Initiative follows the 8 ASU Design Aspirations.

Within each of the Design Aspirations, we:

Leverage our place

Benefit from ASU’s facilities, faculty, and students, and the university’s environment focused on innovation, agility, and entrepreneurship

Enable individual and team success

Train students, researchers, extension agents and others to ensure a diverse network is available to respond to locust outbreaks

Transform society

Envision a world where locust outbreaks are rare and of low severity and where communities are resilient to their impacts

Fuse intellectual disciplines

Redefine the landscape of locust research and management by creating a global network of stakeholders that fuse disciplines

Value entrepreneurship

Provide support and infrastructure to develop leaders in the global food security space

Be socially embedded

Connect locust researchers with local partners in the decision-making sphere through rapid responses to locust outbreaks

Conduct use-inspired research

Partner with local institutions and communities to define place-specific solutions

Engage globally

Promote transparent and inclusive engagement through our global network