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Alexandre Latchininsky

Alexandre Latchininsky

Associate Professor, University of Wyoming

University of Wyoming


  • Associate Professor, University of Wyoming

Book Chapters


Cullon, D. A., A. J. Cease, A. V. Latchininsky, A. Ayali, K. Berry, J. Buhl, R. De Keyser, B. Foquet, J. C. Hadrich, T. Matcheson, S. R. Ott, M. A. Poot-Pech, B. E. Robinson, J. M. Smith, H. Song, G. A. Sword, J. Vanden Broeck, R. Verdonck, H. Verlinden and S. M. Rogerts. 2017. From molecules to management: Mechanisms and consequences of locust phase polyphenism. Pp. 169-261 In: Verlinden, H. ed., Insect Epigenetics. Vol 53. Elsevier, Ltd. ISBN: 978-0-12-811833-7 .