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The Global KAITEKI Center

The Global KAITEKI Center

The Global KAITEKI Center

The vision of The Global KAITEKI Center is to become a premier research center
for the advancement of KAITEKI, i.e. the advancement of
Sustainable Well-Being of People, Society, and our Planet Earth.

To achieve this vision, the Center’s mission is built on top of the following three foundational pillars:

Identify Strategic Social Needs in 2050

Investigate social trends and visualize the needs of the society in the middle of the 21st century. What will the principal social needs be in 2050, in the presence of persistent trends as the following: increasing population of earth; major population dislocations due to climate change and economic opportunities; expanded urbanization; expanded capacity in food production and clean energy; increasing penetration of daily living functions by information devices; expanding capacity for early diagnostic and therapeutic functions; expansion and increased penetration of autonomous transportation systems; expansion and increased penetration of human activities with robotic assistants at home and at work? These trends are fueled by an ever-increasing rate of technological and business model innovations, currently in the pipeline of academic or corporate R&D centers, including the following: autonomous vehicles; manufacturing of human organs on demand; digitally-connected society with wearable sensors and AI-driven actuators; implantable diagnostic and therapeutic devices; soft, flexible, multi-functional robots; design and fabrication of new cellular forms of life; materials and devices designed with atomic precision.

To address the needs of a KAITEKI society in 2050, we need to visualize the necessary products and services, and quantify the social value of the pertinent new technologies and business innovations. To answer these questions The Global KAITEKI Center has partnered with the following two premier institutions at Arizona State University (ASU):

  1. The School for the Future of Innovation in Society,
  2. The Global Institute of Sustainability and Innovation

Develop Key Science and Technologies

From the products and services that the KAITEKI society will need in 2050, The Global KAITEKI Center will identify the key chemicals, materials, processes, devices, and general systems that must be developed. In addition, it will focus on the underlying new science and technologies that play a critical role on the associated technology supply-chain. Then, carry out the required research to develop them. To address these challenges, The Global KAITEKI Center will undertake research projects in conjunction with the following schools and research institutes at ASU.

  1. Biodesign Institute
  2. School of Molecular Sciences
  3. The Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering
  4. The Advanced Materials initiative at ASU

Educate and Communicate the KAITEKI Message

This is an extremely important component of the center’s mission. Appreciation by the world of the KAITEKI message is as essential, as is the success of the scientific and technological program. The Global KAITEKI Center will communicate the KAITEKI message through a variety of mechanisms, including the following:

  1. Create the “Roundtable of the KAITEKI Society” and organize national and inter-national workshops, symposia, festivals, competitions, with the participation of academics from other universities, and scientists and engineers from various corporations.
  2. Craft educational programs (specialized degrees, courses, seminars, workshops) in conjunction with the ASU academic units.