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Sustainable Fuels & Products

About Sustainable Fuels & Products

Sustainable Fuels and Products is a coordinated, interdisciplinary network of researchers within ASU LightWorks that addresses high impact opportunities to enable and advance the production of sustainable fuels and products to meet society’s grand energy challenges. LightWorks coordinates and develops strategic collaborations between our researchers and new potential partners.

Sustainable Fuels and Products addresses thematic areas of research including algae and cyanobacteria, carbon dioxide capture, artificial photosynthesis, life cycle and techno-economic assessment, photosynthetic factories and microorganisms and solar thermochemical fuels.

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Sustainable Fuels and Products Themes and Projects

Sustainable Fuels and Products is conducting ongoing research into the following areas within artificial photosynthesis: Artificial Reaction Centers; Artificial Antenna Systems; Molecular Movies of Photosynthesis; Hydrogen Catalysts; Artificial Enzymes; and Conducting Metal Oxides.

Area leaders

Ellen Stechel
Co-Director, LightWorks®, Global Institute of Sustainability and Innovation
Bruce Rittmann
Regents Professor, School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment, Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering
Abhishek Singharoy
Assistant Professor, School of Molecular Sciences, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences