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Aleem Sheikh

Aleem Sheikh

Executive Director, Strategic Global Alliances, LightWorks®



  • Executive Director, Strategic Global Alliances, LightWorks®


Before joining ASU, Aleem was Group Chief of Staff and a member of EXCO at ACWA Power based from Dubai. He moved to Dubai from Swiss Company, Oerlikon, where he was President and Chairman/CEO of the Solar Company based from China. Prior to this, he was Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for BP plc and resided in China for over 10 years. He is a forward-thinking and proactive professional executive with a broad range of experience in contributing to the performance of a global company.
During his early career at BP, he worked in Commercial, Retail, Operations and Marketing in the UK. Following a series of mergers and acquisitions, he became Global Early Integration Director and held offices across the world. He then joined BP HR as Head of Resourcing for the UK/European Regions to bring a business focus to a functional organization. He later moved to China to become Commercial Director and Chief of Staff for BP in Australasia, Asia-Pacific and the Indian-Subcontinent. Aleem joined BP Alternative Energy in 2008. With over 3,000 employees, the business operated Solar manufacturing plants in the U.S., Europe & AsPac, and developed, constructed, and operated solar and wind farms in the U.S., Europe, India & China. Aleem was a member of the BP Global Leadership Team and served as Non-Executive Director for companies in the USA, China & India including Tata BP Solar where he also acted as Chairman of the Audit Committee. He later joined Oerlikon Solar before divesting the company for approx. CHF0.25 billion.
Aleem continues to hold Non-Executive Director and Chairman positions across the world.