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Anne Jones

Anne Jones

Associate Professor, School of Molecular Sciences, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


School of Molecular Sciences
Arizona State University
PO Box 871604
Tempe, AZ 85287-1604


  • Associate Professor, School of Molecular Sciences, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Anne Katherine Jones is an associate professor in the School of Molecular Sciences at Arizona State University. Her research interests are in bioinorganic chemistry, energy-relevant redox chemistry, and electrochemistry.

Jones' group uses electrochemical methods to study the mechanisms of biological and bio-inspired redox catalysts relevant to energy production. She is a member of ASU's Center for Bioenergy and Photosynthesis. Recent ASU collaborators include Vladimiro Mujica (computational studies of inorganic hydrogen production catalysts), Kevin Redding (electrocatalytic production of fuels by Heliobacteria), Robert Ros (biophysical characterization of models for long-range microbial electron transfer), Ryan Trovitch (electrocatalysis of organometallic catalysts), and Don Seo (functional immobilization of biological catalysts on novel conductive materials). Anne is also a member and part of the leadership team of the Center for Biological Electron Transfer & Catalysis, a DOE-funded Energy Frontier Research Center at Montana State University.

She received BSc degrees in chemistry and mathematics from the University of the South. She completed her DPhil in inorganic chemistry as a Rhodes Scholar and NSF Graduate Fellow at the University of Oxford, U.K. with Professor Fraser Armstrong, FRS. Prior to moving to ASU in 2007, she completed postdoctoral work at the Humboldt University in Berlin under the direction of Professor Bärbel Friedrich and the University of Pennsylvania with Professor P. Leslie Dutton, FRS.


  • DPhil, Inorganic Chemistry, University of Oxford, 2002
  • BSc, Chemistry and Mathematics (summa cum laude), University of the South, 1998

Journal Articles


Dutta, A., M. Flores, S. Roy, J. C. Schmitt, G. A. Hamilton, H. E. Hartnett, J. M. Shearer and A. K. Jones. 2013. Sequential oxidations of thiolates and the cobalt metallocenter in a synthetic metallopeptide: Implications for the biosynthesis of nitrile hydratase. Inorganic Chemistry 52(9):5236-3245. DOI: 10.1021/ic400171z. (link )


Dutta, A., G. A. Hamilton, H. E. Hartnett and A. K. Jones. 2012. Construction of heterometallic clusters in a small peptide scaffold as [NiFe]-hydrogenase models: Development of a synthetic methodology. Inorganic Chemistry 51(18):9580–9588. DOI: 10.1021/ic2026818. (link )


Roy, S., S. Shinde, G. A. Hamilton, H. E. Hartnett and A. K. Jones. 2011. Artificial [FeFe]-hydrogenase: On resin modification of an amino acid to anchor a hexacabonyldiiron cluster in a peptide framework. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2011(2):1050-1055. DOI: 10.1002/ejic.201000979. (link )