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Justin Flory

Justin Flory

Associate Research Scientist, Center for Applied Structural Discovery, Biodesign Institute


Center for Applied Structural Development
Arizona State University
PO Box 877401
Tempe, AZ 85287-7401


  • Associate Research Scientist, Center for Applied Structural Discovery, Biodesign Institute


Justin Flory is an associate research development scientist in the Biodesign Center for Applied Structural Discovery (BCASD) at Arizona State University (ASU) where he has served since 2014. His responsibilities include developing research teams and concepts; integrating content, critically reviewing, and editing proposals; managing project teams, communication, and reporting, including three DOE funded projects; developing and fostering strategic collaborations; and science communication and outreach. He received his PhD in Biological Design from ASU in 2014 researching artificial photosynthesis. Before that Flory worked for 2 years at Abbott Diabetes Care in software quality of blood glucose monitoring systems and 5 years at Symmetricom as a test engineer for precise time and frequency systems. Flory received his BS in Physics from Sonoma State University in 2002.


  • PhD, Biological Design, Arizona State University, 2014
  • BS, Physics, Sonoma State University, 2002

Journal Articles


Flory, J. D., T. Johnson, C. R. Simmons, S. Lin, G. Ghirlanda and P. Fromme. 2014. Purification and assembly of thermostable Cy5 labeled γ-PNAs into a 3D DNA nanocage. Artificial DNA: PNA & XNA 5(3):e992181. DOI: 10.4161/1949095X.2014.992181. (link )


Flory, J. D., S. Shinde, S. Lin, Y. Liu, G. Ghirlanda and P. Fromme. 2013. PNA-peptide assembly in a 3D DNA nanocage at room temperature. Journal of the American Chemical Society 135(18):6985-6993. DOI: 10.1021/ja400762c. (link )



Rittmann, B. E., K. S. Lackner, J. D. Flory, R. Stirling, E. Eustance, Y. Lai, T. Shesh, A. B. Wright, J. Kmon, Z. L'Heureux and S. Badvipour. 2019. Atmospheric CO2 Capture and Membrane Delivery. Department of Energy. Technical Report DOE-ASU-0007093. (link )