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Edward Dee

Edward Dee

PhD Candidate, Sustainability, School of Sustainability

School of Sustainability
Arizona State University
PO Box 875502
Tempe, AZ 85287-5502


  • PhD Candidate, Sustainability, School of Sustainability


My area of study will involve an interdisciplinary approach to examine the historical and legal components of Navajo energy development, in an effort to play a more applied role toward harnessing sustainable energy policy as a driver for economic growth through a whole system approach. The whole system approach is viewing all parts of a system or process at once to analyze how they interact and feed into each other. The crux of my research will focus on Navajo Fundamental Law based on Diné philosophy in the context of examining innovative and solution-driven sustainable energy development from an all-encompassing Diné worldview.

My perspective on sustainability is grounded in Diné Life-ways, the sacred invocation Sa'ah Naghai Bik'eh Hozho, translated as journeying inot old age by way of beauty and regeneration. As explained in Navajo, Sa'ah Naghai is the male principle and Bik'eh Hozho is the female counterpart tutelary. This concept places major emphasis on powers of vitality, invoked for their strength and all-encompassing importance in Navajo sandpainting as sources for renewal. My proposed whole system approach in renewable energy development will attempt to follow a similar "horizontal" model that offers renewal and balance, in accordance with Diné philosophy and Fundamental Law.


  • MBA, Business Administration, University of Phoenix, 2012
  • MPA, Public Administration, Northern Arizona University, 2000
  • BA, Political Science, minor Criminal Justice, Northern Arizona University, 1994

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Buzinde, C. N., G. Shockley, K. L. Andereck, E. Dee and P. Frank. 2017. Theorizing social entrepreneurship within tourism studies. Pp. 21-34 In: Sheldon, P. J. and R. Daniele eds., Social Entrepreneurship and Tourism: Philosophy and Practice. Springer International Publishing . ISBN: 978-3319465166.

Morris K Udall and Stewart L Udall Foundation Scholar, 2010

Ray Anderson Memorial Scholarship, 2013

Doctoral Recruitment Fellowship, Arizona State University, 2012