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Jeffrey Haight

Jeffrey Haight

Arizona State University

Journal Articles


Haight, J., S. J. Hall, M. Fidino, S. A. Adalsteinsson, A. A. Ahlers, J. Angstmann, W. J. Anthonysamy, E. Biro, M. K. Collins, B. Dugelby, T. Gallo, A. M. Green, L. Hartley, M. J. Jordan, C. A. Kay, E. W. Lehrer, R. A. Long, B. MacDougall, S. B. Magle, D. E. Minier, C. Mowry, M. H. Murray, K. Nininger, M. E. Pendergast, K. Remine, T. Ryan, C. Salsbury, C. Schell, C. H. Sekercioglu, L. Wayne, D. Will, J. Williamson, L. Wilson, A. J. Zellmer and J. S. Lewis. 2023. Urbanization, climate and species traits shape mammal communities from local to continental scales. Nature Ecology & Evolution 7:1654-1666. DOI: 10.1038/s41559-023-02166-x. (link )

Haight, J. D., K. L. Larson, J. A. Clark, J. S. Lewis and S. J. Hall. 2023. Social-ecological drivers of metropolitan residents’ comfort living with wildlife. Frontiers in Conservation Science 4. DOI: 10.3389/fcosc.2023.1248238. (link )