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Sir Crispin Tickell

Sir Crispin Tickell

Former Director, Policy Foresight Programme, University of Oxford


  • Distinguished Sustainability Fellow, Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory
  • Former Director, Policy Foresight Programme, University of Oxford
  • Advisor at Large, President, Arizona State University
  • Member, Board of Directors of the Global Institute of Sustainability and Innovation at ASU


Sir Crispin Tickell is a member of the Advisory Council for Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford. He is the former director of the Policy Foresight Programme for the University of Oxford and former chancellor of the University of Kent. He is associated with several British and U.S. universities. His main interests are the fields of environment and international affairs.

Most of his career was in the Diplomatic Service. He was Chef de Cabinet to the President of the European Commission (1977-80), Ambassador to Mexico (1981-83), Permanent Secretary of the Overseas Development Administration (now DFID) (1984-87), and British Permanent Representative to the United Nations (1987-90). He then became warden of Green College, Oxford (1990-97), and director of the Green College Centre for Environmental Policy and Understanding (1992-2006). He was president of the Royal Geographical Society (1990-93); chairman of the board of the Climate Institute of Washington D.C. (1990-2002); president of the Marine Biological Association (1990-2001); chairman of the International Institute for Environment and Development (1990-94); chairman of the Government’s Advisory Committee on the Darwin Initiative (1992-99); president of the National Society for Clean Air (1997-99); convenor of the Government Panel on Sustainable Development (1994-2000); a trustee of the Natural History Museum (1992-2001); inaugural senior visiting fellow at the Harvard University Center for the Environment (2002–2004); and advisor-at-large to the president of Arizona State University (2004 -present).

He is author of Climate Change and World Affairs (1977 and 1986) and Mary Anning of Lyme Regis (1996). He has contributed to many books on environmental issues including human population problems and conservation of biodiversity. He was a member of two Government Task Forces; one on Urban Regeneration, the other on Potentially Hazardous Near Earth Objects. He has received many honors and distinctions. His interests go wide and range from business and charities to climate, pre-Colombian art, and the early history of the Earth.


  • Hinchcliffe & Honorary Scholar, Christ Church, Oxford
  • King's Scholar, Westminster School



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