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All class projects

Summer 2023 | Town of Gilbert

Spring 2023 | Peoria, Clarkdale, Miami, Gilbert, Phoenix, and Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

Fall 2022 | Peoria, Clarkdale, and Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

Spring 2022 | Peoria and Clarkdale

Fall 2021 | Peoria and Clarkdale

Spring 2021 | Peoria and Clarkdale

Fall 2020 | Peoria and Clarkdale

Spring 2020 | Peoria and Clarkdale

Fall 2019 | Clarkdale, Peoria and Glendale

Spring 2019 | Glendale and Apache Junction

Fall 2018 | Glendale

Spring 2018 | Apache Junction

Fall 2017 | Apache Junction

End-of-semester showcase presentations

Project Cities hosts a public showcase forum for students twice annually as each semester draws to a close. The forum is an opportunity for the students to present their research findings and recommendations to city dignitaries such as council and department directors, as well as to the general public and the ASU community. Presentations are recorded and can be viewed online below:

Sample project list

The potential applications of the Project Cities model are highly multi-disciplinary in nature, and the breadth of expertise and resources at ASU is wide-ranging. Cities have flexibility in suggesting potential projects in a broad range of department and topic areas associated with sustainability (environmental, social, and/or economic). Projects are scoped, adapted and matched to meet the Partner Community’s needs and priorities.