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Research Development and Advancement

Research Development and Advancement

Research Development and Advancement

Research Development and Advancement

Our team understands the challenges of transdisciplinary sustainability projects. We assist Sustainability Scientists & Scholars with multi-investigator, large-scale proposals related to sustainability, as well as other proposals as capacity permits.

Our writers and graphic designers will revamp or polish text, tables, and graphics, while our research advancement and administrative staff tracks funder requirements and prepares required sponsor and Arizona State University documentation.

Our Services


  • Track and announce sustainability proposal opportunities
  • Review and analyze of RFPs and solicitations
  • Setup and prepare proposals, using all required ASU forms, websites
  • Assist with budget preparation, including cost share
  • Edit proposal narrative and support with graphic design, if requested
  • Create and streamline all additional proposal components such as bios/CVs. conflict of interest tables, and current/pending support forms
  • Liaise with ASU’s institutional department (ORSPA) for their review and submittal


  • Monitor and reconcile accounts per ASU-ORSPA guidelines
  • Maintain financial records
  • Comply with ASU and sponsor policies and procedures
  • Guide PIs and investigators to navigate these complicated policies and procedures
  • Guide you as you prepare and submit technical reports
  • Assist with requests for change, as needed

Our Past Successes

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Our Process

We look forward to working with you on your next proposal. We are committed to providing timely services and exceptional support. To improve your chances of success, we will ask a few things from you.

Advance Notice

A typical proposal requires between six weeks and three months to prepare. The more complicated the proposal—large dollar amounts, more PIs, addition of subcontractors—the further in advance you should reach out to us.

Agreements and Approvals

Typically, you will know in advance what kind of support you need from us. We will come to an agreement, with all appropriate approvals, so we can proceed accordingly. We will not receive or take away any research incentive distribution (RID) from your department.