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The Morrison Institute for Public Policy is a statewide leader in examining critical issues for Arizona and the region, and is a catalyst for public dialogue. An Arizona State University resource, Morrison Institute uses nonpartisan research, analysis and public outreach to help improve the state's quality of life.

Morrison Institute was established in 1982 through a grant from Marvin and June Morrison of Gilbert, Arizona, in response to the state’s growing need for objective research on public policy issues. Through its history, Morrison Institute has conducted important work on topics that span education reform, water resources, health care, human services, urban growth, government structure, arts and culture, technology, quality of life, public finance, environment, sustainability, and economic development.

Morrison Institute also manages Arizona Indicators, an online collection site for data and analysis of key topics ranging from transportation to demographics to innovation. In October 2012, Morrison Institute launched its Latino Public Policy Center to help clarify why and how Latino policy issues, challenges and opportunities affect Arizona’s future.