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The Survey200 is a central CAP LTER research component designed to characterize the ecology of the greater Phoenix metropolitan area, and to track socioecological system (SES) change over time. This extensive field survey provides a snapshot of broad-scale variations in key ecological variables across the region through a detailed examination of approximately 200 30x30m study plots spanning the spectrum of land use and land cover types (e.g., native desert, desert remnants, parks, agricultural areas, and commercial & residential parcels). The survey, designed to characterize slow-cycle variables, is repeated every five years; previous surveys were completed in 2000, 2005, and 2010. Site characterization includes: - Plants identified to species (2005, 2010) or genus (2000) - Plant-size measurements for biovolume calculations - Georeferenced mapping of built and vegetation structures - Soil coring for physicochemical and metal analyses, microbial communities, and black carbon (bC) analyses - Vegetation-associated arthropods



January 1998 — Ongoing