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In order to be competitive in an uncertain future, and to fulfill their responsibilities to society, businesses must become much better at creating social value in addition to economic value. While KAITEKI – with its focus on health, well-being and sustainability – provides a vision for social value, no formalized process, methods or toolkit exist to assist Mitsubishi Chemical or other businesses in making strategic choices about product research and development with this vision in mind.

This project will develop such a toolkit by combining best practices in sustainability assessment, public values mapping, participatory modeling and scenario development. The objective is to create a means by which Mitsubishi Chemical can assess the social value of future businesses under a variety of future conditions and take strategic decisions to pursue investments and innovations of social value under conditions of deep uncertainty. The first year will focus on developing the toolkit and testing it on a case study of aging in smart cities. Years two and three will focus on the implications of smart cities for other groups and the development of accompanying executive education and strategic implementation assistance for Mitsubishi Chemical.



March 2019 — Ongoing