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Welcome to the Waste Not Podcast – Episode 1: The RISN Incubator

This is Waste Not, a podcast series from noted sustainability journalist and educator Dr. Andrew Bernier. Waste Not engages start-ups, innovators, entrepreneurs in the Resource Innovation and Solutions Network, and the Circular Economy thought leaders that support them. We delve into the solutions being transformed from idea to products or services, and what it takes to overcome the challenges of being a circular economy change agent.

In our introductory episode, we introduce you to the RISN Incubator and the team that drives it, Alicia Marseille and Amanda Jordan. But, we need to be clear about something first. This podcast isn’t about recycling. You should still absolutely recycle what you can and get familiar with what your local city and hauler accepts, but we’re looking at how to avoid the need to recycle in the first place by redesigning the nature of how we think and use material in our goods and services, and what goes into bringing those solutions to the marketplace.