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Brad Armendt

Brad Armendt

Associate Professor, Philosophy

Arizona State University
PO BOX 874104
Tempe, AZ 85287-4104


  • Associate Professor, Philosophy


Armendt is interested in understanding social phenomena – patterns of behavior, norms, networks, communication systems – as products and conditions of complex interactions among individuals. How well do complex models of individual interactions explain such social phenomena, if and when they do? More generally, his research interests include decision theory, practical reasoning, epistemology, and the philosophy of science.



Griffin, W. A., S. K. Schmidt and B. Armendt. 2005. Simulating decisions of water use in uncertain times in the Southwestern US: An ABM of strategies and population level actions. Paper presented at the June 26-28, 2005 North American Association for Computational Social and Organizational Science, Notre Dame, South Bend, IN.