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Jack Kittinger

Jack Kittinger

Research Professor, School of Sustainability, College of Global Futures

Conservation International
7192 Kalanianaole Hwy, Ste G230
Honolulu, HI 96825


  • Affiliate Global Futures Scholar, Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory
  • Research Professor, School of Sustainability, College of Global Futures
  • Conservation International-Center for Biodiversity Outcomes Professor of Practice, Center for Biodiversity Outcomes, Global Institute of Sustainability and Innovation


John N. ("Jack") Kittinger is the senior director of the Global Fisheries and Aquaculture Program in Conservation International's Center for Oceans and a Professor of Practice in Arizona State University’s Center for Biodiversity Outcomes, Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability. Under his leadership, CI works to protect biodiversity and improve the wellbeing of oceandependent communities by implementing sustainable fisheries and aquaculture solutions built on partnerships and investments from ocean to plate. A social scientist and marine ecologist by training, Dr. Kittinger takes a comprehensive interest in finding sustainable solutions to complex problems facing the ocean environment and the people who depend on it. He has extensive experience coordinating multi-stakeholder teams and has worked as a consultant, an academic researcher, educator, and a program director in the nonprofit sector. A lifelong surfer, fisher and waterman, with family ties to the coastal Carolinas, he is committed to ocean-based learning experiences and to being in the water as often as possible. He and his family live in Niu Valley, Oahu.


Journal Articles


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