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About SPRI

About SPRI

About SPRI

The Sustainable Purchasing Research Initiative produces actionable knowledge about sustainable purchasing globally. SPRI is a cross-university collaboration between researchers in ASU’s School of Sustainability, the School of Public Affairs, the Center for Organization Research and Design and faculty in other ASU units. It is leading several large international studies with research partners worldwide who are collaborating to understand the facilitators and barriers of sustainable purchasing across a variety of institutional settings.

Our Vision

Advancing knowledge about sustainable purchasing globally.

Our Mission

Producing actionable transdisciplinary research on sustainable purchasing through investigation, collaboration, outreach, and education.

Our Core Values

SPRI operates according to five core values:

  1. Results – SPRI strives to produce work that leads to better decisions.
  2. Rigor – SPRI adheres to the highest scientific and professional standards.
  3. Relevance – SPRI is imbedded within the community of practice.
  4. Accessibility – SPRI makes its findings publicly widely available and applicable to multiple audiences.
  5. Independence – SPRI is a nonadvocacy organization.

Our Support

SPRI is grateful for the generous support that it has received from the V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation, the Social Science Research Council, the United Nations Environment Programme, the Global Consortium for Sustainability Outcomes, ASU’s School of Sustainability, ASU’s Center for Organization Research and Design, and ASU’s Global Institute of Sustainability and Innovation.