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SPRI supports transdisciplinary research that is solutions- and impact-oriented.

SPRI is a hub for individuals engaged in sustainable purchasing research, as well as a source of research opportunities for students passionate about working on sustainable purchasing and sustainable consumption. Examples of SPRI research follow.

Research reports – Advancing green purchasing in local governments

The Sustainable Purchasing Research Initiative is an international research partnership on sustainable purchasing. SPRI is leading a groundbreaking study on sustainable purchasing policies and initiatives in local governments. This innovative research conducts a global survey of city managers in decision-making positions to learn more about the successes and limitations of sustainable purchasing. This survey has now been implemented across municipalities in Australia, Italy, Japan, and Mexico. Our extensive reports will help you understand what works for local cities and municipalities that have implemented sustainable purchasing policies.

Research reports – Special issue

Research Papers – Sustainability in government

Research Papers – Sustainability in practice