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United Nations

Arizona State University’s SPRI made up the primary research and writing team for this UN Environment Programme report.

Thanks to Nicole Darnall, Justin Stritch, Yifan Chen, Angela Fox, and Jake Swanson for all of their hard work on this report.

United Nations

This report provides important insight into the current state of sustainable procurement (SP) across national governments, private enterprise and intergovernmental organizations worldwide. It is published in the framework of the 10YFP Sustainable Public Procurement Programme, which is committed to conducting a regular review of the state of SPP implementation as part of its work plan. Building on the findings of the previous editions published in 2013 and 2017, this report aims to track global progress in sustainable procurement over the last five years, deepening our collective understanding of the current barriers, needs, opportunities and innovations in this important area. Findings are based on a cross-cutting analysis of data collected in 2021 on the SP activities of 314 organizations and 45 national governments, as well as insights from interviews with SP experts and a review of existing literature on the topic.

The research is complemented by the supplement titled “Factsheets on Sustainable Public Procurement in National Governments”, which includes 45 country factsheets detailing the SPP policy frameworks, priorities and implementation activities in place in each country. The supplement will be released shortly and be made available in the Knowledge Hub.

Both the 2022 SPP Global Review and Factsheets were made possible thanks to a grant allocated by the Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute.

Darnall, et al. (2022). (rep.). Sustainable Public Procurement: 2022 Global Review (Parts I and II). United Nations Environment Programme. Retrieved January 16, 2023, from

UNEP 2022 SPP Global Review Executive Summary

UNEP 2022 SPP Global Review Chapter 1

UNEP 2022 SPP Global Review Chapter 4

UNEP 2022 SPP Global Review Part 2 Annex 3 Study on SP in Local Government

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Slide Deck – UNEP Sustainable Procurement 2022 Global Review Key Findings