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About Us

The Stardust Center for Affordable Homes and the Family addresses the urgent needs for quality, affordable housing.

Stardust 1.0

In its initial phase, Stardust provided technical and design assistance to Arizona communities to help them develop affordable housing opportunities. Stardust worked across the state — from urban projects in the Valley to rural areas such as the Navajo Nation Reservation — serving the needs of single and multigenerational families and first-time homeowners. During this time, the center completed 40 residential housing and research projects.

Stardust 2.0

In 2011, Stardust shifted focus from providing technical services to providing educational services. The goal of “Stardust 2.0” was to advance long-term educational aspects of housing affordability, family well-being and sustainability rather than offering one-time technical assistance. Stardust engaged students in ASU courses, workshops and internships. The Internships and Culminating Experience Fellowships for undergraduate and graduate students offer opportunities to learn first-hand about affordable housing and families, while providing a public service, with Arizona nonprofits such as A New Leaf, Trellis and Native American Connections.

Stardust 3.0 (present day)

We seek to connect the dots among housing, health, food access and transportation (and even shade) to help craft regional integrated solutions leading to happy, healthy communities.