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Marketing and Communications Services

Our expertise is in writing, editing and graphic design. We study the principles of marketing, communications, usability and design that can help you achieve your goals. Consult with our team early and often to help your project succeed. Some of our services include:

  • Compliance with branding standards
  • Marketing brochures and displays
  • Awards and promotional items
  • Proposal graphics
  • Advertising
  • Writing, proofreading and editing
  • Multimedia and email marketing
  • Media relations and training
  • Reports and news articles
  • Social media

Submit a Help Request

Please use this form for marketing/communications projects and for anything you will be billed for, such as advertising, apparel, promo items or print products. Once you submit the KEEP form, you will be emailed an automatic notification that your request was received. Our team will review your request and get back to you as soon as we can.

Tell us your accomplishments, unique experiences, research milestones, awards, honors – anything that shows your impactful sustainability work or the work of a colleague or student that deserves attention. We want our news feed to reflect the breadth of all people, programs and areas of expertise and work that make up the Global Futures Laboratory.

Email us: For smaller tasks, including photo or logo downloads, social media sharing, video uploads or publishing your already-written WordPress article, please email us. You can also email us if you’re not sure where to begin, or wish to consult with us before submitting a request.

Filming, Recording and Photography at the Walton Center for Planetary Health and across ASU Global Futures Laboratory facilities

  • If a request comes directly to the Global Futures Marketing and Communications team (I am the primary contact with Matt Oxford as a secondary contact), we will contact the appropriate facilities leads as well as direct the requestor to complete the appropriate ASU Filming request form ().
  • Every photography or film crew coming in must have an ASU communications escort (or unit proxy agreed upon between unit and Global Futures Marketing and Communications) who will be the primary point of contact. If there is a crew without an escort, please contact Jason Franz or Matt Oxford immediately.
  • ASU has existing Photography and Recording Guidelines in Laboratories and Restricted Areas in place. Walton Center for Planetary Heath and Global Futures labs follow this with a Global Futures Marketing and Communications lead able to be proxy for the Dean/Director/Chair approval.

Marketing and Communications Contacts

Global Futures Laboratory:
Assistant Director, Marketing and Communications
College of Global Futures:
Assistant Director, Marketing and Communications
Media Relations:
Assistant Director, Media Relations