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Knowledge Enterprise Research Technical Services

Knowledge Enterprise Research Technical Services provides technology support for all Global Futures Laboratory and College of Global Futures programs and will assist with various requirements including:

  • Resolving issues with computer hardware
  • Assisting with software requests and installations
  • Configuration and ordering of new computer equipment
  • Provisioning of Zoom videoconferencing accounts

Some services may require placing a request with the University Technology Office. Specific services they provide include:

  • Issues with e-mail (MS Outlook, Gmail, etc.)
  • Provisioning of Dropbox accounts. New employees are not automatically given Dropbox access, so the hiring manager should advise the employee to request an account through UTO as part of the onboarding process.
  • Providing access to ASU central systems such as Peoplesoft, STAR, Advantage, etc.
  • Networking and phone connectivity issues.

Computer Procurement

Computers for new hires

When a new employee is hired it is the responsibility of the hiring manager to request a computer suitable for the new employee’s job responsibilities. The initial purchase is made with department funds, but once the machine is included in the Institute inventory, it will be scheduled for periodic replacement as part of the GIOS computer refresh program.

Note: The Institute provides a Dell/Windows computing solution for employees. There are three options:

Job requirements Machine type Normally supplied with Approximate cost
Regular travel and/or frequent working from home 14″ laptop Docking station, 24″ monitor, wired keyboard and wired mouse. $1950 +tax
Regular travel with need for number pad 15.6″ laptop Docking station, 24″ monitor, wired keyboard and wired mouse. $1750 +tax
Office based Desktop unit 24″ monitor, wired keyboard and wired mouse. A webcam and headset can be supplied, if needed. $1350 +tax

If you have non-standard computer needs based on research requirements such as modeling, spatial data analysis, programming, etc., please to discuss your requirements. We will be happy to assist you in configuring and ordering a suitable product. We can also connect you with the high performance computing facilities on campus.


We will be happy to assist you with procuring additional technology items that you need to perform your role, including: extra monitors, headsets, webcams, etc. We have some items on hand and we can order others.

Note: if you have existing faulty equipment, please submit a support request (see “Report a computer problem” above). This form is for new requirements only.

Computer Refresh Program

Our computers are normally replaced on a four-year refresh cycle. You do not need to do anything to initiate this process. You will be contacted by the technology team when your machine is due for replacement.

Note: this replacement schedule does not apply to grant funded purchases, which are replaced at the discretion of the Principal Investigator(s).

Software Procurement

ASU Supplied Software Products

The university has a large range of software products available for research and business use. Some of these are automatically included on a new machine when it is supplied. Other products may be obtained via the “MyApps” option on MyASU. Just select the left sidebar option from the MyASU home page and search for what you need.

Non-ASU Supplied Software Products

If you need a specific product that is not available through ASU, you will need to request a software security review prior to purchasing the software. The security review ensures that sensitive business or research data are not placed at risk of exposure outside of ASU. To request a security review submit the form below.