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We invite you and your family to see the world through the eyes of our teachers, scientists, practitioners and researchers; to reimagine your home, your neighborhood, your community, your business and your life. Join us to celebrate a sustainable future and share in the creation of innovations and ideas that will make that future possible.

Sustainability Solutions Festival

Celebrate Sustainability Solutions

Every February Arizona becomes the epicenter for sustainability, attracting business leaders, families, students, scientists and artists to the Sustainability Solutions Festival, a week-long series of events that enable you to adopt sustainability solutions and celebrate those who develop them.

Supporting Sustainability Solutions Throughout the Year

To take action for positive change, the support of solutions can’t be limited to a single week. The Sustainability Solutions Festival partners with programs and organizations that support and honor students, creative thinkers, researchers and entrepreneurs at local, national and international competitions and fairs year round. Past award winners include:
  • a Canadian high school student who developed an anti-malarial drug using mustard seed oil
  • a Phoenix nonprofit turning vacant lots into community gathering places
  • an Ohio student who created a process to purify contaminated water in remote villages using charcoal from banana peels
  • local entrepreneurs who developed an all-natural anti-lice treatment that keeps kids in school
  • a mother-turned-business owner of a safe, kid-friendly toy company that uses 100 percent recycled and natural materials, transforming waste into toys
  • a team of Indian students who found an easy, affordable pesticide-detection and removal kit for produce

Support Future Trailblazers

Students, creative thinkers, researchers and entrepreneurs who generate solutions to sustainability challenges are funded and recognized by the Sustainability Solutions Festival at local, national and international fairs and competitions.
Hawaiian teachers working at the June 2015 Teachers' Academy

Sustainability Teachers’ Academies

By engaging K-12 teachers in professional development opportunities to learn about and integrate sustainability science into their classrooms and school communities, they will equip their students to actively address sustainability challenges throughout their lives. Through the Rob and Melani Walton National Academy and the Wells Fargo Regional Academy, top K-12 educators from across the US will design project-based experiential learning opportunities mentored by ASU’s Sustainability Scientists and Scholars. By adopting these educational initiatives, teachers encourage a new generation of change agents to create innovative solutions to our world’s challenges. The Academies build a cadre of passionate educators who in turn work with their peers to integrate sustainability concepts into their classrooms, campus and community.

Sustainability in Science and Technology Museums

By offering tools and professional development for a network of science centers and museums, the Sustainability in Science and Technology Museums program will enable these places of exploration and scientific discussion to become both exemplars and promoters of sustainability science and practice. As a leader in sustainability, ASU has experience working with science museums and educators to help develop captivating sustainability content as well as integrate sustainable practices throughout a facility’s operations.