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Steering Committee

Steering Committee Members

The SCN Steering Committee is comprised of leading municipal, county and/or tribal representatives from around Arizona and Arizona State University experts actively pursuing sustainability, resilience and/or climate change initiatives. Through collective discussion, the Committee is responsible for sharing best practices, encouraging collaborative action, and guiding the discussions, initiatives, and desired outcomes of the overall Network and associated workgroups.

SCN is an outreach and education program of the ASU’s Global Futures Laboratory and the Global Institute of Sustainability and Innovation.

Steve Turner, City of Chandler

Steve Turner is Assistant to the City Manager at the .

Nicole Antonopoulos and Jenny Niemann, City of Flagstaff

Nicole Antonopoulos

is the Sustainability Manager for the .

Jenny Niemann Jenny Niemann is the Energy and Climate Specialist for the .

Joanne Toms, City of Glendale

Joanne Toms is the Environmental Programs Manager for the .

Laura Hyneman and Scott Bouchie, City of Mesa

is the Deputy Director of the Environmental Management and Sustainability Department at the and Steering Committee Chair.

Scott BouchieScott Bouchie is the Director of the Environmental Management and Sustainability Department at the

Daniel Kiel and Victoria Caster, City of Peoria

Daniel Kiel is the Planning and Engineering Manager of the Water Services Department for the .
Victoria Caster is the Sustainability and Water Conservation Coordinator for the .
Mark Hartman

Mark Hartman, City of Phoenix

is the Chief Sustainability Officer for the .
Lisa McNeilly

Lisa McNeilly, City of Scottsdale

Lisa McNeilly is the Director of Sustainability for the .

Brianne Fisher and Bonnie Richardson, City of Tempe

Brianne Fisher Brianne Fisher is the Climate Action Manager for the .

Bonnie Richardson is the Principal Planner for the .

Daniel Bursuck and Fátima Luna, City of Tucson


is the Environmental and Sustainability Advisor to Tucson Mayor Regina Romero.

Daniel Bursuck is the Principal Planner for the City of Tucson.

Chris McAbee and Phil McNeely, Maricopa County

Chris McAbee Chris McAbee is the Sustainability Manager for .
Phil McNeely is the Director of the .

Meredith Green, Rob Melnick and Michael Schoon, Arizona State University

is Director of Operations at the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory.

is Director of International Programs and Presidential Professor of Practice in the ASU School of Sustainability.

is an Associate Professor in the ASU School of Sustainability.

Sustainable Cities Network Staff

is the Director for ASU’s Sustainable Cities Network and for Project Cities.

Julia Colbert

Julia Colbert is the Program Manager for Project Cities.

Alison Almand

Alison Almand is the Program Coordinator for the Sustainable Cities Network and Project Cities.