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The workgroups are comprised of community participants from various cities, counties, and tribes and are organized through common sustainability interests, needs, and goals. A workgroup is formed when a topic need is established and a community “champion” volunteers to lead the workgroup. Each workgroup has the opportunity to pursue projects with deliverable outcomes, benefiting the communities at large.

Federal Infrastructure Workgroup

As funding becomes available through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the Federal Infrastructure Workgroup convenes Arizona communities through strategic collaboration to secure federal funding for infrastructure projects related to green infrastructure, electric vehicle charging stations, ecosystem restoration, and more. This workgroup meets once a month to present community updates, discuss best practices for collaboration and grant writing, and to highlight member accomplishments.

Green Infrastructure (GI) Workgroup

This Green Infrastructure Workgroup meets to discuss urban issues associated with tree and shade, structural shade, the urban canopy, stormwater management, and low impact development (LID) techniques to standardize best practices in the area of urban forestry and expand knowledge of green infrastructure across the Valley and state of Arizona.

AZ Heat Resilience Workgroup

heat-relief-posterThe AZ Heat Resilience Workgroup meets to share heat forecasts and warnings with communities; highlight approaches to heat relief, communications strategies and resources; identify opportunities and gaps in heat-related research; and connect cities and counties to regional and state resources and information. Read more.

Climate & Resilience Workgroup

workgroup discussing climate changeThe Climate & Resilience Workgroup meets to educate cities and towns on climate action planning, resilience, and adaptation and mitigation strategies.

Solar & Energy Efficiency (SEE) Workgroup

About WorkshopsThe Solar & Energy Efficiency Workgroup explores methods to expand and enhance the way jurisdictions generate clean and renewable energy.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Workgroup

Power cord plugged into vehicleThe Electric Vehicle Workgroup meets to support and educate Arizona communities about emerging technologies and best practices related to electric vehicles, such as increasing EV adoption strategies for public and municipal fleets; increasing charging installations practices and procedures; implementing EV Ready building codes; identifying strategies for EV Equity policies and principles; and developing education and outreach campaigns.