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The workgroups are comprised of community participants from various cities, counties, and tribes and are organized through common sustainability interests, needs, and goals. A workgroup is formed when a topic need is established and a community “champion” volunteers to lead the workgroup. Each workgroup has the opportunity to pursue projects with deliverable outcomes, benefiting the communities at large.

AZ Heat Resilience

heat-relief-posterThis Workgroup was created in the summer of 2020 to share heat forecasts and warnings with communities; highlight approaches to heat relief, communications strategies and resources; identify opportunities and gaps in heat-related research; and connect cities and counties to regional and state resources and information. Read more.

Climate & Resilience

workgroup discussing climate changeThe Climate & Resilience Workgroup meets to educate cities and towns on climate action planning, resilience, and adaptation and mitigation strategies.

Solar & Energy Efficiency (SEE)

About WorkshopsThe Solar & Energy Efficiency workgroup explores methods to expand and enhance the way jurisdictions generate clean and renewable energy.