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Solary Energy and Efficiency Workgroup

solar panels

The Solar & Energy Efficiency Workgroup explores methods to expand and enhance the way jurisdictions generate clean and renewable energy. The goal of the workgroup is to educate residents on the proper usage of energy, providing them with the best AND correct information. By developing a “lessons learned” list, the SEE workgroup seeks to discover the proper usage of “solar-service agreement” contracts allowing public bodies such as schools and local governments to lease their property at a nominal price to private energy companies that build, operate, and maintain solar systems. In exchange, the public bodies buy clean energy.

The Solar Finance and Streetlight & Technology Sub-Workgroups work in tandem with the SEE workgroup to develop projects that address solar needs and best practices.

Solar Finance Sub-Workgroup

The Solar Finance Sub-Workgroup focuses on ways to help cities in the network finance solar programs. In 2012, this workgroup created a Power Purchase Agreement draft that all cities in the Network will be able to apply to their solar projects.

Power Purchase Agreement Documents

Streetlight & Technology Sub-Workgroup

The Streetlight and Technology Sub-Workgroup explores the different projects jurisdictions deployed, the lessons learned, and the new technologies utilized.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Sub-Workgroup

Members of the SCN Solar & Energy Efficiency (SEE) Workgroup formed the EV Subgroup to facilitate and coordinate EV discussions and actions for SCN engaged communities and stakeholders. Read more.