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Affiliated Programs

Project Cities connects higher education with local communities, creating a powerful combination of knowledge and know-how. Project Cities is a university-community partnership. Through the program, sustainability faculty and students pair with a city to co-create strategies for better environmental, economic and social balance in the places we live. Students from multiple disciplines research difficult problems chosen by the city and propose innovative sustainability solutions that enable the city to make progress toward a better future.

The purpose of the Stardust Center for Affordable Homes and the Family is to empower families and achieve economic and social sustainability by providing educational opportunities like outreach events, university-level courses, and community resources that inform and promote sustainable, affordable housing. The Stardust Center defines housing affordability as housing that covers a range of household incomes, demographics, and cultural conditions that are underserved in Arizona communities. Students in our courses engage directly with the community regarding housing preferences, livability, and needs.