February 10: CEFPI Conference

Hello All! After a nice break following our busy fall, we’re well-rested and ready to jump into all of the exciting activities that are lined up for the spring semester. We’ll update you on all of that, next week. This week, however, we want to focus on one specific event!

CEFPI and the Global Institute of Sustainability have joined together to host a one-day symposium entitled “What’s Next for Sustainable Schools and Communities?” Many schools face the challenge associated with rising maintenance costs, lack of funding for special programs, and a desire to build new curriculum. A diverse group of speakers will be addressing these issues and more (including members of our own team – Chuck Redman, Auriane Koster, and Sandra Rodegher!). This should be a great learning and networking opportunity!

For more information, including registration and agenda, please click here!

We hope to see you there!