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Our program seeks to:

Increase integration of sustainability into instructional development.
Graduate fellows work with teachers and district leadership to engage in delivery of interdisciplinary curriculum and project based learning. Fellows bring state-of-the-art sustainability science research to teachers to strengthen STEM teaching, which in turn advances the STEM skills of high school students.

Expand university outreach and relationships with high schools.
Partnerships are developed with high school districts to strengthen the delivery of STEM education and build the capacity of teachers and students to implement project-based sustainability projects.

Enhance fellows’ graduate experience and career trajectories.
Graduate fellows are exposed to real-world experiences that enhance their training and career trajectories. Weekly work in the classroom is supplemented by outreach activities to public and private entities, allowing fellows to gain experience presenting sustainability content to a wide range of audiences.

Improve graduate students’ communication and teaching skills.
Graduate students are empowered to be better sustainability educators through training in curriculum development and collaborative instructional strategies. Fellows work in interdisciplinary teams and hone their skills in communication, collaboration, problem solving, conflict resolution and project management.