Jannik Heusinger gives first SGSUP Colloquium of year

Detecting, mitigating, and adapting to localized heat and cold in cities

Tuesday, August 28, 3:00-4:30 p.m.
Location: COOR 5536

For the first colloquium of the 2018-2019 school year, we are excited to welcome Jannik Heusinger as our first speaker. A postdoctoral researcher with the Urban Climate Research Center, Jannik’s work focuses on urban heat mitigation and urban surface-atmosphere exchange.

His talk is titled “Detecting, mitigating, and adapting to localized heat and cold in cities.”

About the talk:

Urban climatologists work on describing the climate within a very complex and ever-evolving system – the city. Our motivation is to increase the well-being of humans living within this system. In Phoenix, our work concentrates on understanding the effect of different materials and their geometric arrangements on localized heat, with the goal of being able to accurately model physical dynamics of the urban climate system. Analogous challenges exist in higher latitudes where cold thermal environments pose challenges, which are underrepresented in the scientific literature and discourse.

In this seminar, Jannik will share contributions to the study of hot and cold environments in cities as part of ASU’s Urban Climate Research Center. In addition to highlighting particular research initiatives, he will raise questions about how we can more holistically think about increasing the well-being of humans’ thermal experiences in cities, working toward adaptation and mitigation in both hot and cold environments.

UCRC Pilot Funding Opportunity for AY 2018-19

The UCRC will be making available small awards to affiliated faculty to provide support that will increase the visibility of faculty and the center as well as enhance the ability of the center and its faculty affiliates to secure external research funding and generate high-profile publications. As a general rule, each request can be for up to $4k and should not include salary support for faculty. Examples of appropriate categories of requests include but are not limited to:

  • Summer funding for undergraduate or graduate students to gather data or further the goals of a developing project
  • Software license fees or data set, ideally for a resource that can be shared across the center
  • Small items or minor equipment that would be of general benefit to the UCRC
  • Travel support for faculty or students to attend and present at high profile conferences/meetings

We will accept requests twice each academic year with this year’s deadlines being 5pm MST Friday September 14, 2018 and Friday March 15, 2019. Only current faculty affiliates of the UCRC are eligible, and a faculty member may not receive more than one award per AY. Requests should be no more than 1 page in length, although attachments may be included as appropriate (e.g. a 2-pg CV for any students involved in the request). The proposal (pdf) should be sent to jpinhorn@asu.edu and must include the following:

  • Contact—include name of faculty affiliate requesting funds, school, and contact email
  • Purpose – provide a brief background of why the funds are being requested and how they advance the faculty member’s research and the goals of the center
  • Budget – provide an informal but specific budget indicating the total amount of the request and specifically, how the funds are to be spent.

The budget for the UCRC Pilot Project Fund is $16k for the 2018-2019 academic year. A small panel from our leadership team will review requests and make recommendations. Our goal is to have final decisions announced within 3 weeks of the proposal deadline.

Please keep in mind that we expect all UCRC faculty affiliates to work to promote the success of the center, including by acknowledging this affiliation in presentations/publications and by associating relevant ASU proposal activities with our Center Code:CC1042; Urban Climate Research Center.