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UCRC Interactive Online Poster Event 2020

The Urban Climate Research Center, housed in the School of Geographical Sciences & Urban Planning at ASU, hosts an annual poster event that allows students and postdoctoral scholars working on urban climate topics to present their research to the UCRC community. This event provides the participants with valuable experience and also helps to facilitate cross-campus interaction and collaborations. This year’s event was conducted online via Zoom on October 15 at 3-5:30pm in Phoenix. This website serves as home base for the event, providing summary data, a link to a short presentation for each poster, and hosted zoom links for live interactive discussion of each poster. The event was divided into four 30-minute poster sessions. Registrants and participants received a single common password that was required to enter any of the zoom rooms. The UCRC Director, David Sailor, kicked off the event with an overview for the first 20 minutes of the event. Each student hosted their own poster in one of our five moderated zoom rooms, from which they shared a (high quality) powerpoint of their poster and entertained questions from attendees. Lower quality preview images with recorded poster summaries are provided below.

This event was held in a live/interactive format on Oct 15, 2020. See below for brief poster summaries from all of our participants.


POSTER SESSION #1 (3:20pm-3:50pm)


POSTER SESSION #2 (3:55pm-4:25pm)


POSTER SESSION #3 (4:30pm-5:00pm)

P11(g):Pedestrian thermal comfort of multi-modal corridors, by Ida Sami

P13(g):Impact of urban form on outdoor thermal comfort, by Omar Galal

P15(u):Thermal panoramas for urban climate, by Ananth Udupa


POSTER SESSION #4 (5:05pm-5:30pm)

P16(p):Cobenefits of energy efficiency, by Amir Baniassadi

P17(g):Machine learning model of climate energy interactions, by McKenna Peplinski

P04(g):Climate change, urban deveopment and heat adaptation, by Aldo Brandi