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UCRC Poster Event 2021

The Urban Climate Research Center, housed in the School of Geographical Sciences & Urban Planning at ASU, hosts an annual poster event that allows students and postdoctoral scholars working on urban climate topics to present their research to the UCRC community. This event provides the participants with valuable experience and also helps to facilitate cross-campus interaction and collaborations. This website serves as an archive for the event, providing a link to a short presentation for each poster.

This event will be held in person on Nov 17, 2021 3-5pm in the Alumni Room of the ASU Memorial Union building. See below for brief poster summaries from all of our participants.


P06(g):Infrastructure and flooding in Phoenix, by Ameyalli Santibanez

P08(g):Interaction of UBL and local circulation, by Aldo Brandi

P09(p):Social-political dimensions of urban flooding, by Jagadish Parajuli

P10(p):Extreme heat and viability of alternative transportation, by Rachel Braun

P15(g):Co-benefits of urban greening for heat and carbon, by Peiyuan Li

P17(g):Gray-green infrastructure for reducing heat exposure, by Rui Li

P19(g):Rooftop radiative properties and energy savings, by Jyothis Anand