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View Source | August 1, 2020

UREx Podcast LogoThere are many ways to refer to nature in cities: urban green space, nature-based solutions, green infrastructure… But which name is best? Does it really even matter what names we used to describe urban nature? In this episode, Stephen Elser (@stephen_elser) interviews Dr. Dan Childers (director of @caplter) about some of the issues with various terms to describe urban nature, and a relatively new term that he prefers: urban ecological infrastructure. Then, we hear from Jason Sauer (@JasonRSauer) about a term he uses to describe his own study system: "heritage" wetlands. Learn how the words we use can change our research approaches and the perspectives that we adopt. Find Dr. Childers' paper on urban ecological infrastructure here (, and listen to his previous appearance on our show with a conversation about urban ecology here: ( Also, listen to the episode that Stephen and Jason made about Valdivia's urban wetlands, y tambien  en español

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