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The Social Amplification of Risk: Two Decades of Social Science Research

Roger E. Kasperson

  • Director, Stockholm Environment Institute
  • Member, George Perkins Marsh Institute

Review of the motivations that led to the formulation of this framework of societal response to risk nearly two decades ago. Also, summarize the essentials of the framework, and proceed to review some of the significant conceptual debates, along with the body of empirical work that has occurred over the past two decades. Conclusion will cover the assessment of where we are now and some of the most promising pathways for new ventures.

Dr. Kasperson, who holds his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, has written widely on technological hazards, risk communication, risk and vulnerability, radioactive wastes, and global environmental change. Dr. Kasperson is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the Society for Risk Analysis, and has been honored by the Association of American Geographers for his research on hazards. He has served on numerous committees of the National Research Council, the National Science Foundation, and the Council of the Society for Risk Analysis. He has been Visiting Senior Scientist at the Beijer Institute in Stockholm, Sweden and has served on numerous advisory committees and editorial boards.

February 14, 2005