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Brian Sager

Brian Sager

Principal, WERK | urban design


  • Principal, WERK | urban design


Brian works to provide clients with beautiful, functional landscapes by creatively integrating natural and healthy environments into the life of cities and public spaces. His concentration on client needs and goals yields landscapes that are functional and attractive. Brian’s professional interests and expertise include municipal projects such as parks, plazas, libraries, civic buildings, streetscapes and trails, as well as healthcare and site planning. Through his experience and curiosity, he has developed technical expertise in site design, hardscape design, rainwater harvesting and LID techniques, landscape irrigation design, park and trail planning and design, and transportation projects.

Brian attended the University of Arizona, where he received his Master of Landscape Architecture degree. After graduate school he stayed and worked in Tucson at a small, local landscape architecture firm, then a large multi-disciplinary firm where he was responsible for the design of a substantial project in downtown Tucson that captured stormwater from a nearby street for use in the landscape. Brian lives in Phoenix, and enjoys hiking, mountain biking, and science fiction.