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Jillian Edmonson

Jillian Edmonson

Student Intern, WERK | urban design


  • Student Intern, WERK | urban design


Jillian works to find innovative and sustainable approaches to social and environmental problems with landscape architecture. Her studies of urban design and green infrastructure lead her to pursue design solutions to the urban desert that push the traditional approaches of the past – like greywater alternative irrigation and organic mulch that encourages evapotranspiration. As a student, Jillian has been recognized by AZASLA with an Honor and Merit Award and by ASU for Design Excellence. She plans to continue to be aggressive in applying and researching design-based solutions to help aid in mitigating the urban heat island effect that plagues the Phoenix area in her professional career.

Jillian attends Arizona State University and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in landscape architecture degree with a minor in urban planning. She currently works for WERK | urban design as an intern and applies her knowledge of LID techniques, alternative design solutions, and biomimetic sciences to the variety of clients she serves. Her interests in alternative irrigation systems and heat mitigation techniques led her to join the research team for ECO PHX. Jillian has collected field samples and created the graphic components of this report.