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Masavi Perea

Masavi Perea

Community Organizing Director, Chispa AZ/League of Conservation Voters.


  • Community Organizing Director, Chispa AZ/League of Conservation Voters.


Masavi Perea, Community Organizing Director has served for the last four years as program director, organizing director, and currently the coalition and training director for Chispa AZ/League of Conservation Voters. In addition, for the last two years he has been working with Unlimited Potential to develop the Environmental Justice programs. During his time with Chispa AZ, Masavi has imparted his vast knowledge of political, historical, and environmental education to community groups, strategized local and regional campaigns, coordinated with National office on campaigns and issues affecting the environment, and worked with elected officials, provided educations, and help them understand it is vital to support environmentally friendly legislation. Prior to his service with Chispa, Masavi was a labor organizer and has been a leader in communities of faith for 20 years. Currently he serves as a board member for Bridging Climate Change and Public Health, Environmental Justice Coalition, and Parks and Recs Board–City of Phoenix.