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The Edison Eastlake neighborhood in Phoenix, AZ, is the subject of a substantial public housing redevelopment initiative being led by the City of Phoenix. This redevelopment effort explicitly targets goals that include improved air quality, reduced heat impacts, and soliciting desired design outcomes from community members. This Healthy Urban Environments project will support these goals using a combination of in-situ measurements and neighborhood scale atmospheric modeling (ENVI-met) to explore the air flow and heat transfer dynamics of the neighborhood across both baseline and the new proposed redesigns.

This approach will enable practitioners and researchers to better understand the thermal impacts in both space and time of various proposed designs in comparison to the existing design. The project team will share and use simulation outputs to engage with local city officials, community members and other partners and stakeholders (such as the Nature Conservancy) to improve the decision process for this and other future development efforts.




Healthy Urban Environments Initiative


April 2019 — Ongoing