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Stephen Carradini

Stephen Carradini

Assistant Professor, Technical Communications Program, Interdisciplinary Humanities and Communication


Interdisciplinary Humanities and Communication
Arizona State University
7271 E Sonoran Arroyo Mall
Mesa, AZ 85212-2780


  • Senior Global Futures Scholar, Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory
  • Assistant Professor, Technical Communications Program, Interdisciplinary Humanities and Communication


Stephen Carradini researches the future of work, looking for sustainable ways to organize work in the contemporary moment, near future, and beyond. His theoretical lens of workplace communication allows for interpretation of current work habits and co-construction of future work habits with an eye toward personal, economic, and community well-being. Individuals in arts-related micro-enterprises, particularly musicians, are his current area of focus.

The interdisciplinary training he received in the Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media program at North Carolina State University gives him an interest in collaboration across many fields to answer complex questions about the future of work and related issues. He teaches online professional communication in the Technical Communication program.


  • PhD, Communication, Rhetoric and Digital Media, North Carolina State University, 2017
  • MA, Technical and Professional Communication, Auburn University, 2013
  • BA, Journalism-Professional Writing, University of Oklahoma, 2009


Journal Articles


Carradini, S. 2018. An organizational structure of indie rock musicians as displayed by Facebook usage. Journal of Technical Writing and Communication 48(2):151-174. DOI: 10.1177/0047281616667677. (link )

Conference Papers


Carradini, S. 2017. Working outside: A problems-based approach to studying musicians and other extra-institutional individuals. Pp. Art. 17 Proceedings of the 35th ACM International Conference on the Design of Communication. SIGDOC '17. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. (link )


Carradini, S. 2015. Arts nonprofit motivations in choice or rejection of crowdfunding. In: Snyder, J. ed., 2015 Annual Conference Proceedings. 80th Annual International Conference of the Association for Business Communication. Seattle, WA. (link )